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Letters To The Elect Of God
In A Time of Trouble

Logos Edition



The Power Of Example (Heb. 12:1-8)
Why We Made This Book
Courage Brother (Poem)
Two Classes


First Letter: For Those Who Are Depressed, Robert Roberts, Jan. 10, 1885
Blessings In Disguise
Counsel For  The  Depressed
Those To Whom The Letter Is Addressed
Encouragement In Trouble
God Makes Choice Of The Humble
Faith Is Required Of Us All
Do Not Be Depressed By Present Conditions
Our God (Poem)
If (Poem)


Second Letter: THE BENEFITS OF TROUBLE 10th February,  1885
Triumphing Over Trouble
The Benefits Of Trouble
Do Not Allow Trouble To Overwhelm You
The Right  Way  To  View Trouble
The  Inevitability  Of  Trouble
What  Trouble  Is  Designed To  Produce
Why The Ecclesias Are Troubled
A Source Of  Comfort In  Trouble
Courage Brother (Poem)


Third Letter: The Limitations Of Trouble March,  1885
The Secret Of Success
The Limitations Of Trouble
The  Elect Defined
Conditions  Which  The   Elect  Experience
How  Trouble   Molds  Character
How To  Bear  With  Trouble
Problems Of  Isolation And  Of  Ecclesial Life
If You Can Keep Your Head
The  Life To  Come
The Consolations Of Trouble
Tokens Of  Divine  Love
Sustaining Love  For  All  Occasions
Not As I Will (Poem)
Introduction to: “The Final Consolation” -- By HPM
The Final Consolation (Brother Roberts waxes poetic about daily life in The Kingdom)
The Marriage Of The Lamb (Poem based on The Song Of Solomon)


Fifth Letter: A Letter To My Enemies May 1885
The Two Classes
A Letter To My Enemies
The Inevitability Of Enemies
The Cause Of Enmity
Brother Roberts' Attitude
Let Truth Be The Guiding Influence
Personal Feelings And Desires
Comfort In Controversy
Lives Of Great Men

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