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A Christadelphian Web Site.
An Organization Upholding the Understanding of the Scripture As Taught by the Apostles and by the Pioneer Christadelphian


Southern California Ecclesia

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A Declaration of the First Principles of the Oracles of God.
Set forth in a series of propositions with approx 500 Scripture proofs.

  1. The Return of Christ
  2. What is Christ coming for?
  3. Signs that the coming of Christ is near
  4. Does death end all?
  5. Have I an immortal soul?
  6. Where do we go when we die?
  7. What hope have you?
  8. Have we eternal life now?
  9. Bible immortality: Not the immortality of Christendom
  10. Do you understand the Kingdom of God?
  11. The Promised Land
  12. What Is A Heavenly Country?
  13. Jerusalem
  14. The Return of Israel
  15. Paradise: Popular Views and Divine Revelation
  16. Why Did Christ Die?
  17. Why Did Christ Rise?
  18. Who Was Christ that Died and Rose Again?
  19. God, Who Raised Christ From The Dead
  20. The Holy Spirit
  21. Is There A Devil?
  22. Where Is Hell?
  23. The Punishment of The Wicked
  24. Christendom Astray Since The Apostolic Age
  25. The Remission of Sins
  26. Born A Second Time
  27. Does It Matter What We Believe?
  28. Why We Ought To Be Baptized
  29. The Glories Of The Age To Come
  30. The Problem Of The Holy Land
  31. The Christianity of the Apostles
  32. The Name And Faith of the Christadelphians

1891 Christadelphian Instructor:
Questions and Answers
Also contains questions and answers suited to children under 8

Christadelphian Baptismal Interview

The Christadelphian Bible Study Course


About God
About Ourselves
About Jesus
About The Future

Literature Information

Bible Study Aids
(Maps, Charts, Graphs)

Should We Keep the Biblical Sabbath?

Tears of Gratitude: a 1934 pamphlet by bro Jannaway about copies of Christendom Astray being placed in public libraries. Interesting reading. (wonder where those copies are today?)

SKETCH Of the Rise, Progress and Dispersion of the MORMONS; bro Thomas (1849)

Dr. Thomas His Life and Work

(1873); by Robert Roberts in PDF

Be Ye Therefore Transformed Volume One

G. V. Growcott
Topic List

Be Ye Therefore Transformed Volume Two

G. V. Growcott

Topic List

Christendom Astray From the Bible by bro Roberts

(Christendom Astray in pdf format)

What the Bible Really Teaches

  1. The Bible - What it is, and how to interpret it
  2. Human Nature Essentially Mortal, as proved by Nature and Revelation
  3. The Dead Unconscious till the Resurrection
  4. Immortality a conditional gift to be bestowed at the Resurrection
  5. Judgment to come; the dispensation of Divine awards to responsible classes at the return of Christ
  6. God, Angels, Jesus Christ, and the Crucifixion
  7. The Devil not a personal supernatural being, but the scriptural personification of sin in its manifestations among men
  8. The Kingdom of God not yet in existence, but to be established visibly on the earth at a future day
  9. The Promises made to the Fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), yet to be fulfilled in the setting up of the Kingdom of God upon earth
  10. The Kingdom of God the Final Instrumentality in the great scheme of human redemption
  11. Christ the Future King of the World
  12. The Covenant made with David to be realized in the reestablishment of the Kingdom of Israel under Christ
  13. The Second Coming of Christ the only Christian Hope
  14. The Hope of Israel, or, the Restoration of the Jews, a part of the divine scheme, and an element of the Gospel
  15. Coming troubles and the Second Advent
  16. Times and Signs: or the evidence that the end is near
  17. The Refuge from the Storm: or, "What Must I Do to Be Saved?"
  18. The Ways of Christendom Inconsistent With The Commandments of Christ

Recommended Reading

(more in Books/Articles Pages)

You Will Never Go To Heaven

The Key To The
Understanding of The Scriptures

By H. P. Mansfield

The Revelation -- Which Interpretation?

(Preterist - Continuous Historical - Futurist)

(By Graham Pearce)

No man can say with persuasion that he loves God if he is disinterested in prophecy, for prophecy is an essential part of the Truth which has proceeded forth from the Father. Neither can a man love Truth and be indifferent to apostasy. The love of God, then, compels a saint to identify the Apostasy foretold by prophet, apostle and the Lord Jesus.

The Book of Revelation:
An Appeal For Right Understanding

The Doctrine of The Trinity:

Analytically Examined and Refuted

By Percy E. White

Faith In The Last Days

Selections from the writings of Brother Thomas concerning the Gospel Truth and Christ's return to the earth. By John Carter

Audio Bible Online
Bible Read aloud

(This will take you off the antipas site)


The Bedside Watchman


Seasons of Comfort Vol.I

Seasons of Comfort Vol. II



Other Music

Handel's Oratorio: "Messiah"
The Story of Christ In Song

The Lord's My Shepherd

The Lord's Prayer

The Commentaries

was "magazine"

BOOKS/BOOKLETS & Related Articles


Comments or Questions, Problem?




My Bible And I

Can You Find 20 Books of the Bible In This Puzzle?

Why Read The Bible?

The Significance of Colors As They Appear In The Holy Scriptures

Eureka -- An Exposition of the Apocalypse

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Bro. Thomas' and Bro. Roberts'
Understanding of Marriage and Divorce

Bro. Thomas' and Bro. Roberts'
Understanding of Marriage and Divorce in PDF format

Nazareth Revisited: by Robert Roberts
Written in 1890 "NAZARETH RE-VISITED, or The Life and Work of Jesus Christ (1850 years ago) EXHIBITED ANEW, in harmony with The Scriptures of Moses and the Prophets, to which Jesus appealed as THE WORD OF GOD. " This enjoyable work follows the life of Christ.

In private, watch your thoughts; in family, watch your temper; in public, watch your tongue." R. Roberts

FEAR knocked at the door, FAITH answered. NO ONE was there

Where are the CURRENT news articles?

Previously posted news articles have been removed. To avoid breaking internet and international copyright laws, we will no longer post full articles to the web site.

We strongly suggest that brethren subscribe to an internet news service (such as MSN news).

To subscribe to current world events concerning Israel from the Hebrew press: Go to (This will take you off the Antipas site)

Antipas Commentaries (was the "Magazine")

Material in support of the Truth, and opposition to error.

Daily Bible Companion in PDF

(can be printed on card stock and used as bookmarks)

Daily Bible Companion in Excel


MS Word Files



Have you ever wanted to read the entire Bible, but found available reading programs too tedious, or confusing?

The Christadelphian Bible Companion is the perfect solution for you. By reading from its three portions daily, you will complete the Old Testament once in a year, and the New Testament twice. In 365 days you will read the entire Bible; Genesis to Revelations; cover to cover. Unlike other Bible reading programs, The Christadelphian Bible Companion does not try to relate the readings to each other, and there's nothing more to read than Scripture itself.

It's a simple, straight forward, reading plan with one or two chapters, per section, per day.

The Christadelphian Bible Companion is available in bookmark PDF or Excel format .

Instructions for making actual Book Marks that you can place in your Bible --- download the file in PDF format, print on card stock, place sections together, making front and back sides, lightly glue together, separate the 3 sections and laminate for durability. (clear Contact paper works very well and it is thinner than laminating sheets) Place them in the correct locations in your Bible. If you don't have card stock, you can glue the sections to a large index card and then laminate.

Download in excel format The file isn't locked so you can alter the text style, font and size to suit your needs. This is especially helpful for those with poor eyesight.

You can also follow The Christadelphian Bible Companion daily readings on our site.

Questions regarding the coming of an anti-Christ? Do you think you know what you are looking for?

Read: "The Coming Anti-Christ: Jesus of Nazareth? A Tragic Case of Mistaken Identity?"

We think you'll be surprised! Also available in PDF format

Some verses to refresh your mind on the signs of the end times .

Our Lord is coming soon Rev.17:3,12-14; Luke 21:26; Ezek.38,39; Dan.11:40-45; Joel 3; Zec.12,14; Isa.26:20-21; 2 Peter

"25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. 27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. " Luke 21: 25-27

(In Biblical terms: The use of "sun, moon, stars and heaven" always represent political powers. While "the sea" represents the population of peoples)

Are men's hearts failing them for fear? Have the political powers of the earth been shaken? Are we confused by what is happening around us? Is Nebuchadnezzar's image forming once again, ready to stand on its feet? ( See Daniel 2:32-45 ) As the nations begin to form unexpected alliances to fight terrorism, do you know which nations comprise "The King of the North" and the "King of the South?" What is supposed to happen when they align? Who is the stone made without hands? That knocks down the image and turns it to powder? Read: An Exposition of Daniel by bro. J. Thomas.

DOES ARMAGEDDON HAPPEN BEFORE OR AFTER THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST? Do you know the order of the events surrounding Christ's return to the earth? This Logos article puts the events in order. Other articles in this Logos series: Review of Bible Prophecy Outlining In Sequential Order The Events To Take Place Subsequent To Christ's Return; explained, in a detailed easy to understand format, the prophetic scriptures and symbols in Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelations and others. Christ's return to the earth is close, very close. How do we know that? If you don't understand the prophecies concerning the "latter days" this series is a good place to begin.


Are you waiting for Jerusalem to be at peace before Christ's return?

The Bible emphatically says that the peace and safety "CRY" is a cry for peace and safety. People who have peace do not cry for peace. Israel won't have peace before His return. The Bible does not say they are going to HAVE peace and safety, but that they DESIRE peace and safety. Read The Peace and Safety Cry from Elpis Israel by bro. J. Thomas.

"Christadelphian" was not Brother Thomas's first choice --

Bro. Thomas had originally called us (Christadelphians): The Antipas, which he said is "a symbolical name, representing all in every place who hold fast the Spirit's name, bestowed upon the faithful because they were uncompromisingly opposed to all names and faiths which are not identical with those delivered once for all to the saints, by the Apostles of Christ." See: The Meaning of Antipas by Dr. Thomas.