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Part I


1. The Truth In The Last Days

2.The Preacher

3. The Truth Discovered

4. The Worker

5. The Expositor

5. The Man

Part II
A Selection From The Writings Of John Thomas, M.D.

I. God's Design In The Creation Of The World .

2. The Dogma Of An Immortal Soul In Man Subversive Of The Truth . .

3. The Heathen Dogma Of The Immortal Soul Subversive Of The Resurrection Of Jesus .

4. The Tree Of Life

5. The Kingdom Of God

    (i) The New Covenant

    (ii) Mosaic Constitution Of The Kingdom Imperfect

    (iii) The Priesthood And The New Covenant .

    (iv). Jews And Gentiles In Relation To The New Covenant .

6. Moses And The Prophet Like Unto Him....

    Moses And The Prophet Like Unto Him (con't). .

7. Mediatorship . .

8. Representative Things

9. Day Of Atonement ... .

10. Sacrifice In The Age To Come

    Sacrifice In The Age To Come (con't) .

11. Jesus The Heir To David's Throne . . .. .

12. Momentous Truths

    (i) The Hope Of The World And The Gospel, Or The Hope Of Israel .

    (ii) The One Hope .

    (iii) The Character Of The Kingdom

13. Aaron And Christ ..

14. The Good Confession.

15. The Apostles Justified By Faith Before "The Faith" Came...

    The Apostles Justified By Faith Before "The Faith" Came (con't)

16. The Goodness Of God

    The Goodness Of God (con't)

17. Christ's Discourse With Nicodemus

18. The Gospel In Macedonia

    The Gospel In Macedonia (con't)

19. Baptism Of The Spirit

    (a) In Apostolic Times

    (b) In The Resurrection Era

20. The Age To Come, Paradise. "Absent From The Body" (2 Cor. 5 :8)

21. Christian Disciples

22. Beware Of Covetousness

23. Be Not Discouraged ..

24. Preach The Word

25. "Blasphemy" And "Names Of Blasphemy"

    (a) Blasphemy Scripturally Defined

    (b) The Blasphemy Of The Churches

26. The Coming Crisis And Its Result

    (a) Judgment And Hope

    (b) A Nation Born

27. The Son's Post-Millennial Subjection To The Father

28. A Declaration Of What The Scriptures Teach

29. What We Must Do To Obtain Eternal Life

30. Dr. Thomas Addresses His Readers


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