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Yes, You Can Read the Entire Bible in 365 Days

Read the Old Testament Once!

Read the New Testament Twice!

The Christadelphian Bible Companion Daily Readings


Have you ever wanted to read the entire Bible but couldn't finish because you got bogged down? Do you find reading programs too tedious or confusing?

The Christadelphian Bible Companion is the perfect solution for you. Reading from its three sections daily, you will complete the Old Testament once, and the New Testament twice. In 365 days you will read the entire Bible; Genesis to Revelations, cover to cover. Unlike other Bible reading programs, The Christadelphian Bible Companion doesn't try to relate the readings to each other, doesn't try to explain what you are reading, and there's nothing more to read than the Scripture itself. It's a simple, straight forward, reading plan with one or two chapters, per section, per day.

Can you spare a half-hour a day?

The Bible is the most valuable book in the world because it is the Creator's revelation of Himself and His purpose. However, to discover its full message, reading is essential. In less than half an hour every day.The Christadelphian Bible Companion (devised by Robert Roberts more than a hundred years ago), enables you to read the entire Bible.

"The Holy Scriptures are able to make thee wise unto salvation"

Regular reading unfolds the origin of death, the fascinating history of God's dealings with man, the absorbing development of prophetic vision, and, what is most important, the rewarding revelation of Jesus as the way to eternal life.

Many thousands of Bible students throughout the world have joined in reading according to this plan, and have found it a source of inspiration, strength and comfort.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (Jn 8:32)

Download PDF format

Download in Excel format
The file unlocked so you can alter the text size to suit your needs. This is especially helpful for those with poor eyesight.

Instructions for making Book Marks: download the file in PDF format and print on card stock, place sections together, making front and back sides, lightly glue together, separate the 3 sections and laminate for durability. Place them in the correct locations in your Bible.

You can also follow The Christadelphian Bible Companion Daily Readings on our site. This page has the entire Bible online and by just clicking, you can read the Bible in your web browser.