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The Christadelphian Instructor: Questions and Answers on the System of Truth revealed in the Holy Scriptures with proof-texts in full appended to nearly every answer. Also containing 100 questions and answers suited to children under 8.

Christendom Astray Popular Christianity (both in faith and practice), shewn to be unscriptural; and the true nature of the ancient apostolic faith exhibited.

Key To The Understanding of The Scriptures This series of studies is designed to present in connected form the fundamental teaching of the Bible. The reader is invited to examine it critically, with the Bible at his right hand, without which nothing can or ought to be determined in relation to God's truth. We believe this series to help the reader in their search for Truth.

You Will Never Go To Heaven -- Booklet explaining Paul's "desire to depart" (Phil. 1:23); "Absent from the body" (2 Cor. 5:8); and The "Father's house of many mansions" (John 14:2)

The Christadelphian Bible Study Circle Course -- 24 Letters with Questions and Answers on Bible Truth

Bible Finger Posts , 32 Topics -- Includes "The Return of Christ To The Earth", "What Is Christ Coming For?", "Does Death End All?" and many more -- all in short form designed for use as preaching tools.

The Good Confession by Robert Roberts

Christadelphian Baptismal Interview , by G.V. Growcott

There Is One Baptism , by G.V. Growcott -- Essential To Salvation; Complete Immersion The Only True Way; Sprinkling Unscriptural; Belief a Prerequisite.

"The Evil One" The Bible Teaching Concerning The Devil and Satan (Also in PDF format)

The Bible Meaning of "Soul" (by G.V. Growcott) Taken from the Berean Christadelphian Magazine, 1966, and which is an exposition of the subject clearly indicated by the title. It will provide another helpful tool for preaching the Truth concerning this subject unto all who have willing ears to hear.

The Revealed Mystery - By Bro. John Thomas
        Part One: A Summary of Christianity Revealed In The Bible ;
        Part Two: A Discourse on Eternal Life ;
        Part Three: The Kingdom of God

What First Century Christians Believed:

1883 (Original First Edition) Ecclesial Guide


On-Line Daily Bible Reading Companion - Takes the reader through the Bible (Old Testament once, New Testament twice) in a year Audio Bible Online - Bible (KJV) Read aloud

The Bedside Watchman - Offers the reader a short meditation on one of the Daily Readings before the ending of the day. Culled from the writings of Christadelphian authors past and present, it is basically the personal selection by Bro. Norman Owen of passages which have afforded him exhortation and comfort.

BIBLE STUDY AIDS Includes Maps, Charts, Color Drawings and Photos, Bible Insert Reproductions
PDF Files done on each item for flexible viewing. You'll want to check back often to see additions


Elpis Israel (Hope of Israel) Being an exposition of the Kingdom of God, with reference to The Time of the End and The Age To Come (Written 1848) -- SPECIAL EDITION, 1904, By Dr. John Thomas -- Without the revisions made in later editions.

Eureka -- An Exposition of the Apocalypse Volumes 1, 2 and 3 from the 1915 edition by Dr. John Thomas

Faith In the Last Days Selections from the writings of bro. Thomas concerning the Gospel Truth and Christ's return to the earth.

The Revelation -- Which Interpretation? (Preterist - Continuous Historical - Futurist) (By Graham Pearce) No man can say with persuasion that he loves God if he is disinterested in prophecy, for prophecy is an essential part of the Truth which has proceeded forth from the Father. Neither can a man love Truth and be indifferent to apostasy. The love of God, then, compels a saint to identify the Apostasy foretold by prophet, apostle and the Lord Jesus.

Exposition of Daniel A Brief Exposition of the Prophecy of Daniel, Dr. John Thomas, 1868, 34 sections and preface. With Illustrations.

The Book Unsealed: A Lecture on the Prophetic Periods of Daniel and John. John Thomas, MD, Fifth Edition, 1920

Thirteen Lectures on The Apocalypse, By Robert Roberts, 1921 Edition The

Great Delusion - A Scriptural Analysis Of Christianity's "Future Antichrist" By Kenneth and James Styles

The Book of Revelation - An Appeal For Right Understanding (Bro. Paul Billington)
(Also in PDF format - 52k)

The Coming Antichrist: Jesus of Nazareth?


The Doctrine of The Trinity ANALYTICALLY EXAMINED AND REFUTED By Percy E. White"The History of The Doctrine of The Trinity" by G.V. Growcott

Part 1: The True Scriptural Picture
Part 2: The True Scriptural Picture
Part 3: Passages Quoted to Prove the Trinity

Letters Answering The Arguments Offered by Trinitarians


The Blood of Christ , Its place in The Divine Scheme of Reconciliation or ATONEMENT, as Originally Promulgated by the Apostles in the First Century. By Robert Roberts, 1895

The Slain Lamb , A controversial and expository Lecture on the True Nature of the Sacrifice of Christ. Delivered in Temperance Hall, Birmingham, on Friday, July 29th, 1873, by the late Robert Roberts in reply to one given in the renunciationist interest the previous evening. Illustrated with a chart. Published in 1915.

The Purifying of The Heavenly (Bro. G.V. Growcott)
"Many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist" (2 John 7). Articles by Brethren Growcott, Thomas and Roberts on the nature and sacrifice of Christ. Book published by The Herald Press

Did Christ Die On Behalf Of Himself? "Clean-Flesh" Article Answered


The Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit Gifts by Graham Pearce -- ...He (the author) reasons logically that if the Holy Spirit, as present-day effluence from heaven, is the means provided of Yahweh to develop a character pleasing unto Him, then, obviously, the Word is unnecessary to that end. He advances strong Scriptural reasons to show that such a claim is contrary to the revealed purpose of God, and therefore to the teaching of the Word.

The Papacy In History and Prophecy A 3-Part book (48 pages) which includes The History of the Papacy; The True Character of the Papacy; and The Future of the Catholic System. Very informative and easy to read.

The Law of Moses , Robert Roberts -- Includes chapters on "The Sabbath Law", "The Ten Commandments," "The Ark and Its Contents" and much more...

The Analogy of The Grecian Games In The Word, by J. B. Scaramastro -- In depth study of the Grecian games in the days of the Apostle Paul and his comparison to them as a follower of Christ.

Phanerosis (Dr. John Thomas) An Exposition of the Doctrine of The Old and New Testaments Concerning The Manifestation of the Invisible Eternal God In Human Nature, Including an "Index To The Titles of Deity" by H. P. Mansfield

"The Parable of The Tares" Booklet by the JB Scaramastro the true meaning of the parable in Matt. 13.

Do All To The Glory of God - A Short Treatise on Standards for Christadelphians (Christadelphian Scripture Study Service)

The Origins of Christ-Mass: Catholic-Paganism (Also in PDF Format)

Odology -- Spirits, Ghosts: Strong Delusion or Modern Spiritualism in the Light of Science and Scriptures Reprinted from The Ambassador of the Coming Age, July 1, 1868, Vol. 5. Written by Bro. John Thomas in 1852.

Odology; or Theological Mesmerism, Witchcraft Revived Anew Continuation of the above article.

Table Tappings Not Spirit Rappings Reprinted from The Herald of the Kingdom and the Age to Come, 1852, Vol. 2, page 67 , by Bro. John Thomas, Editor.

Was Jesus of Nazareth The Messiah? A Three Night Debate Between Robert Roberts, Editor of the Christadelphian and Mr. Louis Stern, an Orthodox Jew, on Oct. 17-19th, 1871

Christadelphianism of God or Men? A Christadelphian Reply to the Aug. 1962 Watchtower Article By. R. W. Abel

The Protesters By Alan Eyre -- "... there is no doubting the tremendous zeal and earnestness with which some of these early believers applied themselves to the study of Scripture ... the revelation of the tremendous spirit of faith, love and devotion to God shown by some of these believers of former times who suffered almost indescribable tortures for the sake of their convictions." Contains Maps, paintings and photos

Brethren In Christ by Alan Eyre -- The great significance of this work of Bro. Alan Eyre and its forerunner, "The Protesters", is that for the first time the beliefs and behaviour of a community with essentially the same doctrines as ourselves has been documented for our study and appreciation. Complete with Maps, Paintings and Photos

The Significance of Colors As They Appear In The Holy Scriptures
"There is the reason for the colors of the spectrum in the rainbow; the curtains of the tabernacle; Ezekiel's Temple; and the pillars of the New Jerusalem, to name only a few." (M. Stewart)


Selah A selection of Meditations designed for Sisters (Logos Publications)

Do All To The Glory Of God  A Short Treatise on Standards for Christadelphians (Christadelphians Scripture Study Service)

The Virtuous Woman By Sister Jane Roberts and Sister Virginia Vigilant

Sister Jane Roberts to Younger Sisters CENTENNIAL EDITION, December 1881 - January 1883


Seasons of Comfort (by Robert Roberts) "...the book may be of some service in the weary turmoil of the present evil world. It will help them to realise their position, and to renew their diligence, and to rouse drooping hearts in the prospect of the fulfillment of God's great purpose in Christ." -- R. Roberts, 1915 Edition

Search Me O God (G.V. Growcott)

Be Ye Transformed (G.V. Growcott)

Selections From: Letters To The Elect Of God In A Time of Trouble, Robert Roberts


Evolution, Science and The Bible , H.W. Hathaway

The Bible Today And You -- A Modern Reconsideration, By H.W. Hathaway

The Truth About God And the Bible by Robert Roberts

The Vegetable In The Witness Box By Islip Collyer, 1922


The Gospel And Sex by Dr. J. Allfree and H. Tennant
"The writers of this booklet invite you to look at 'sex', as our modern jargon has it, through the eyes of the Bible ... we are convinced that there is no better point of view ... no surer way to a happy, healthy courtship, marriage and family life. The Bible knows its subject and there is every reason why it should."