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Thirteen Lectures on the Apocalypse. Second Lecture
annotated excerpt TO SARDIS full section on Sardis

full exhortation

The Faith In The Last Days; CHAPTER 19, "BAPTISM OF SPIRIT

Paragraphs 11,12 and 13 annotated

Paragraphs 1-13 annotated

without annotation

Lamuel Edwards article and letter to the editor (annotated)

without annotation

Eureka Vol. 2  Ch. 8 Sec. 1 Sub. 4

The Apocalyptic Temple (full)

Tabernacle of the Testimony and the Nave annotated

Was The Temptation of Christ Internal, External, or Both? By J.B. Scaramastro

Should We keep the Biblical Sabbath? The writer looks at the Law of Moses and the law of Christ. By J.B. Scaramastro

Cultural Expression or Scriptural Truth? The writer answers the question: Does the Truth change based on the cultural influences of the times. By J.B. Scaramastro

The Satan of Job Chapters 1 and 2
By J.B. Scaramastro The Satan of the book of Job could not have been a "fallen angel."

Chart on the Usage of the Word "Devil(s)" in the Scriptures
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The Mosaic Calendar: Possible Parallel: From the Return of the Lord to the Millennium

Who Is Your King? Whom Do You Serve? By J.B. Scaramastro

The Peace and Safety "Cry"  "There is no peace to the wicked saith God." -- Introduction by Editor, Section from Elpis Israel, 1904 Edition

Interesting Definitions from Webster's Dictionary Regarding Christadelphians: Christadelphians / Ecclesia/ Thomasites

What Is A "Cult"?

BBC : World Cults

The Camp of the Flesh vs. The Camp of the Spirit

Are There Any "Wonderful Shades Of Gray" In The Word of Yahweh?

Headcoverings and Christadelphian Sisters

The Headcoverings of Sisters

A response to The Headcovering of Sisters: by Bro. David Murphy

Does Bro. Roberts Give Sound Advice On The Headcovering Question in 1 Cor. 11?

"Let Her Be Covered", C.C. Walker, The Christadelphian, Feb. 1, 1900

Women's Hats and Churches, John Carter, The Christadelphian, Dec. 1942

The Hats of Christadelphian Sisters - A Biblical Consideration By Ron Abel

Headcoverings July 1983, Sis. Iris Clark:

Headcovering August 1983, Bro. Dennis Adey:

The Role of Women: Politically, Socially, and Ecclesially: From the section: "The Foundation Of The World"

From ELPIS ISRAEL (1904 Edition)

Can You Find The Names of 20 Books of the Bible in This Puzzle?

Some "not so pretty" history of the strong arm of the Catholic Church:

The Jesuit Lies of the Roman Catholic Church on Prophecy [1910] From the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1910, 11th Edition (Commonly known as the Intellectual's Edition), Vol. 23, page 213, "Revelation"

The 1916 Jesuit Oath ...I do furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war secretly or openly, against all heretics, ...


666 -- The Number of the Beast

Why God Sends Trouble By Robert Roberts

Never Despair By Robert Roberts

Comfort From The Word   By Robert Roberts

"Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God" Robert Roberts

What The Scholars Say About The Hebrew Name: Yahweh

Keeping In Memory   by George Gibson

The Treasures of Egypt   by G.V. Growcott

A SHEPHERD Looks at PSALM 23 (excerpts), by Phillip Keller

Sojourning In Fear Awaiting Christ   by Robert Roberts

Mortify The Deeds Of The Body   by G.V. Growcott

The Old Man and The New Man In The Coming TribulationBy John Thomas, M.D.

Speak Out The Truth The Herald, Dec. 1860

Gogue and Magogue, Dr. John Thomas, Elpis Israel, 1904 Edition

The Signs Of The Times Will Not Be Found In The Literal Heavens, In the Stars, or In The Zodiac. by John Thomas

Signs of the End
Some verses to remind you of the signs of the times Our Lord is coming soon Rev.17:3,12-14 Luke 21:26 Ezek.38,39 Dan.11:40-45 Joel 3 Zec.12,14. Isa.26:20-21 II Peter 3

Letter To The Editor, The Christadelphian, 1957

Christ or Free Masonry?
The Christadelphian, 1956

Mormons comments from bro Thomas 1849

The Story of the Bible, Vol. 11,
H.P. Mansfield:

The Olivet Prophecy,

The Need For Personal Watchfulness

The Parable of Noah or an Unheeding World

The Parable Of The Man On A Far Journey

The Parable Of The Thief

The Parable Of The Faithful And Evil Servants

The Parable Of The Ten Virgins

The Parable Of The Talents

The Parable Of The Sheep And Goats

Did Christ And The Apostles Partake Of The Last Jewish Passover?

What happened in the "upper room" that was furnished for Christ and the Apostles before the day of His death?

Churches Agree Pope Has Overall Authority Introduction by J.B.Scaramastro

The 39 Articles of The Church of England

William of Orange's Bill of Rights, 1689

Set Thine House In Order, G.V. Growcott

Parable of The Vineyard LabourersRobert Roberts

The True Christadelphian Ecclesia, Robert Roberts, The Christadelphian, 1887

Shall He Find Faith On The Earth? reprint, Oscar Beauchamp, Berean Commentary 1988

The Revised Version, The Christadelphian, June 1881, and 1898

The Text Of The Bible, John Carter, The Christadelphian, April 1953

Bro. John Thomas' View On The Resurrection At His Baptism in 1847

Man In Society Includes "Constitution Of the Royal Association Of Believers In New York". Written in 1854 by Bro. John Thomas, Herald of the Kingdom and Age To Come

Righteousness, Judgment, Mercy and Works Reprinted from The Ambassador of the Coming Age, July 1, 1868, Sunday Morning at the Christadelphian Synagogue, Birmingham

What Will He Think of Us? Reprinted from the Christadelphian Commentary, 1872, by Robert Roberts

Let Us Not Sleep, Robert Roberts