Last Updated on : November 23, 2014

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Announcements for our Brothers, Sisters and Regular Visitors



We are pleased to announce our current site is updated with more information and a new look!

We hope you the new look, and more organized layout, will make it easier to find information. Please be patient, and check back regularly, as we have hundreds, if not thousands, of pages to re-design and upload. Any comments or concerns regarding functional problems, or the new design, are greatly appreciated! IF you find a mistake (broken links, spelling errors included) please drop us an e-mail with the page title and URL location or the general area if possible.

A very special "thank you" goes to Sister Rachel Campanelli, who redesigned the Antipas logo and the site structure. Rachel is a self-employed, professional Graphic Designer. Without her artistic talents and insight, we would not have been able to revamp this entire sire.


As we add more to the site we are in great need of additional "eyes" to review the material. If you would be willing to proof read a chapter of two of "Dr. Thomas: His Life and Work" "Nazareth Revisited," and/or "Eureka" please let me know. Proof reading consists of matching the text of a chapter in PDF with a web copy and making any necessary corrections. It shouldn't take more than an hour,r or so per chapter. Proof reading is the most time consuming portion of expanding this site. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

sister Marie Davis

Any suggestions for new content?

We love hearing from our visitors. If you have any suggestions for additional content please feel free to let us know.


The hymns on the site are really very beautiful, simple arrangements. They were written with singing, rather than listening, in mind. Each hymn has a (4-6 bar) musical introduction like that typically used at meeting. Pauses (or rests) were added to help with group singing.
Unfortunately, people report there is a "high pitched sound," over-riding the arrangement in some of the hymns. We have to repaired the sound files for a number of hymns to hopefully achieve a more universal sound with music playback.
Special note: hymn arrangements were created using a program called Harmony Assistant. There is a free download of a lighter version, called Melody Assistant, that will improve the playback sound quality. Depending on your computer, hymns may sound better using Quick Time Player, or iTunes. We wish to provide the best listening and most portable option. Please try these additional programs. If you find one that works especially well for playback please let us know.

Forwarding of pioneer articles/materials

Many thanks, to all who forward materials to us for publication. Please continue to send us information when possible. We are especially interested in original articles from Dr. Thomas and bro. Roberts.

Please be aware that some areas of the site were removed or are being revised, and may be inaccessible. Some articles will not return to the site. If there is a particular article you wish to view, please contact us and we will e-mail the article.
Brother Dennis Davis

A little history about the Antipas Web Site

Today, we've become so accustomed to computers and electronic media, that few people recognize what an accomplishment the Antipas site was. The original Antipas site was loving compiled by bro. Julio and sis. Kim Scaramastro, at a time when the Internet was in its infancy. Before Christadelphian writings were in any electronic format, they were among the first to make the pioneer writings available on-line. books were disassembled, scanned page by page, put through optical character recognition, proof read, posted to web pages and then the books were diligently rebound. The site represents hours and hours of man power. Their simple goal was to have the writings of the pioneer brethren, hymns, bible readings, and exhortations available for all Christadelphians.
Neither Julio or Kim ever dreamed that the Internet could become world-wide.  Nor did they ever expect the site to be of interest to anyone but Christadelphians. Imagine 10 years ago telling either one of them, that people everywhere would be accessing the Internet from their cell phone.
They were not with us to see the information age explode into the global phenomenon it is today. They are asleep, awaiting the return of our Lord and Master.
Julio and Kim intended, that the site continue to stand as witness to the Truth, as contained in the Scriptures, taught by the Apostles, and expounded upon by the pioneer Christadelphians until our Lord's return and beyond.
God willing, we will continue to maintain and improve this site.
brother  Dennis and sister Marie Davis