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Hymn 414

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1 O God of love,Thy name we bless
For all the good this day hath known:
With prayers and songs of thankfulness
Once more we now approach Thy throne.
In all Thy love shall be adored;
Teach us that love this night, O Lord.
2 If we this day have failed to tread
The upward path which leads to light;
If any cloud of grief or dread
Broods darkly o'er our souls to-night­
Thy joy to us can strength afford;
Give us that joy this night, O Lord.
3 Thy chariots are all winds that blow;
Thy ways are on the pathless sea;
At Thy command the waters flow;
The deeps lift up their voice to Thee:
Yet Thou dost hear our suppliant word,
Give us Thy peace this night, O Lord.
4 What more we need Thou knowest best:
Forgive our sins for Jesus' sake;
Fold weary hearts in Thine own rest;
Give midnight songs to those who wake;
And ofThy grace to all accord
Love,joy and peace this night, O Lord.

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