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Hymn 388

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1 We shall be like him . O how rich the promise;
What greater could our Father's love prepare?
Few are the words,and softly are they spoken,
But who shall tell the blessings hidden there?
2 We shall be like him-pure in heart, and sinless;
But his redeeming mercy ends not there;
These bodies like to his shall then be fashioned,
And we his resurrection glory share.
3 We shall be like him-raised above all weakness,
For ever past all weariness and pain;
E'en death itself shall have no power to reach us
When with our risen Lord we live and reign.
4 So in the hope of bearing his bright image,
Rejoicing in his present gift of grace,
His love shall keep our hearts in patient waiting
Till we in glorious beauty see his face.

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