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Hymn 377

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1 In the bud of early Spring-time ,
In the days of early youth,
When the heart is fresh and tender,
Lord, impress us with Thy truth.
Teach us how to shun the evil,
Teach us how to love the right;
Ere the days of evil sadden,
Lead, oh lead us in the light.
2 In the days of Summer help us
To devote our strength to Thee;
May the fruit we bear be precious,
Yielded gratefully and free.
Fruits of holiness,refreshing,
Strengthening others in the strifeĀ­
Fruit that proves to all a blessing
Leading on to endless life.
3 In the days ofAutumn may there
Be rich sheaves of golden grain;
Plenteous stores of wisdom garnered,
Thoughts divine that cause no pain;
Rich experience ofThy mercy,
Large remembrance of Thy love.
Grant, O God,that in the Autumn
We may all Thy goodness prove.
4 And when Winter comes-oft dreary,
Seeming far away from Spring,
When health fails and men grow weary,
Yet may we be glad and sing:
Glad because of coming glory,
When for ever troubles cease;
For we know the blessed story
That there shall be endless peace.

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