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Hymn 371

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1 We know not if this wayside ground
Meet for our sowing may be found;
The seed is good — O grant that we,
Lord of the earth, bring fruit to Thee.
2 The ground may turn a stony face,
The thorns deny a resting-place,
The enemy is everywhere-
Lord of our labours, hear our prayer.
3 Derision and scorn perchance it brings
This sowing of despised things;
We work beneath the scornful eyeLord
of all courage, be Thou nigh.
4 The seed has fallen from our hand,
But 'tis Thy sun upon the land,
Thy soft'ning showers that swell the seed-
Lord of the skies, we own our need.
5 Now darkness hides the road we wend,
Dark hidden too our labour's end;
Our work is done, the seed is sownLord
of the harvest, guard Thine own

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