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Hymn 370

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1 The Lord gave the word and His servants did preach;
Throughout the long ages His prophets did teach
That God ·will accomplish His covenant plan,
And all should acknowledge His purpose with man.
2 The Saviour himself summoned men to repent;
The Twelve to the cities of Judah were sent.
The Gentiles by grace the glad mes­sage received,
And men of all nations the Gospel believed .
3 As those great apostles awoke to the call
To let the truth shine and shed light upon all,
May we in their footsteps the same vision see;
Continue the work and give glory to Thee.
4 Glad tidings of truth to the nations we bring;
Of hope and salvation in Jesus we sing;
Across the wide oceans the Gospel we spread,
That all to the kingdom of God may be led.

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