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Hymn 335

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[This is also suitable as a Breaking of Bread hymn]

1 We praise Thee, Heavenly Father,
We thankThee, Lord, that still
The Word ofThy salvation
Works out Thy sovereign will.
What though we walk in weakness,
Thy strength shall be our stay;
Undaunted by the darkness
We wait the coming day.
2 We take, O Lord, the token:
Life out of death we see,
Sin and its condemnation,
Love and its victory;
Death that departs in shadow,
Life to the endless days,
Death that is slain forever,
Life that is ever praise.
3 All righteousness fulfilling,
Our Lord salvation won;
We too would share the blessing
With Thy beloved Son;
We too would bring our offering,
Obedience full and free;
Would share the shame and sorrow
To share the victory.

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