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Hymn 311

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1 Blow ye the trumpet, blow!
The joyful welcome sound!
Let scattered Israel know
To earth's remotest bound,
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, O exiled Israel, home:
2 For long in Gentile lands,
Dejected and forlorn,
Thy weary mourning bands
Have borne their cruel scorn.
But now no longer shall they roam;
Return, O wand 'ring Israel, home!
3 On David's royal throne
The Saviour-King shall reign;
His sway all nations own,
From east to western main:
The year of thy redemption's come,
Return, O ransomed Israel, home!
4 Blow ye the trumpet, blow!
The jubilee proclaim !
Thy tribes shall blessing know
Through Jesus' mighty name:
The day of glad release is come:
Return, O happy Israel, home!

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