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Hymn 301

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1 O Thou everlasting Father,
Give the kingdom to Thy Son:
He has died that he might gather
All Thy children into one:
For the travail­
For the travail­
For the travail
Of his soul, let this be done.
2 Then the north, in darkness shrouded,
Jacob's rising star shall bless!
And the eastern morn, unclouded,
Bring the Sun of Righteousness,
Cheering, healing;
Cheering, healing,
Cheering, healing,
With the brightness of his face.
3 On Thy holy hill of Zion
Thou hast long ordained his seat;
Now, as Judah's conquering lion,
Lay all foes beneath his feet:
Let his ransomed­
Let his ransomed­
Let his ransomed
In the final triumph meet.

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