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Hymn 300

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1. Lo! he comes, the King of glory,
See the royal Victor's brow;
Once for sinners marred and gory,
Jesus is exalted now;
While before him,
While before him
All his ransomed brethren bow.
2. Blessed morning! long expected:
Loud resounds the peopled air;
Mourners, once by man rejected,
They with him exalted there,
Sing his praises,
Sing his praises,
And his throne of glory share.
3. Judah! lo, thy royal Lion
Reignson earth, a conqu'ring King;
Come, ye ransomed tribes, to Zion,
Love's abundant offerings bring;
There behold him, There behold him,
And his ceaseless praises sing.
4. King of kings! let earth adore him,
High on his exalted throne;
Fall, ye nations, fall before him,
And his righteous sceptre own.
All the glory,
All the glory
Be to God and him alone!

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