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Hymn 292

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1 Exalt, O God, Thy glorious Son;
Throughout the world Thy will be done;
Set up on earth his promised throne,
And make all hearts and hands his own.
2 Soft as the dews from heaven descend,
He comes, he comes, the sinner's FriendĀ­
The fall'n to raise, the meek to bless,
And reign o'er all in righteousness.
3 As bright and lasting as the sun,
From sea to sea his sway shall run;
Kings to his footstool shall repair,
And nations find their refuge there.
4 Prayer to his throne shall daily rise,
His praises ring through earth and skies;
His grace on all that live be poured,
And all shall live to serve the Lord.
5 Cry 'Welcome ! 'to the King of kings,
Who comes with healing in his wings;
From age to age, from shore to shore,
His name be praised for evermore.

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