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Hymn 284

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1 The days are quickly flying,
And Christ will come again
With all his saints attending
Triumphant in his train:
When every eye shall see him,
And every tongue confess
The glory of the Father,
In Christ our righteousness.
2 O day of exultation !
O day of God's Elect!
Sweet day of consummation
That longing hearts expect:
When every conflict ended,
And every sorrow past,
A cry goes up triumphant,
The Lord has come at last.
3 Lord, come then in thy Kingdom,
Set up on earth thy throne;
And, lest thy sheep grow weary,
Come take them for thine own:
Now, when the night seems darkest,
Come in thy glory bright;
Come to redeem thine Israel,
And turn our faith to sight.

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