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Hymn 274

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1 Christ the King is coming
To set up his throne,
Royal Son ofDavid
To the world unknown,
He with might and power
Will return again,
Not as lowly Jesus,
But as King of men.
2 He the seed of Abraham
Came as prophesied;
Was by man rejected,
Slain and crucified;
But his Father raised him
From the silent grave,
And immortal glory
Unto him He gave.
3 Angels sang his praises
At his humble birth,
Glory be in heaven;
Peace to all on earth.
When he comes exalted
In his Father's power,
Saints will sing his praises
Then and evermore.
4 May Thy word enlighten
Us to do Thy will,
How to give obedience
And Thy law.
Help us, Lord, to serve Thee,
And Thy truth embrace,
So that in Thy kingdom
We may find a place.

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