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Hymn 270

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1 We would see Jesus! for the shadows lengthen
Across this little landscape of our life;
We would see Jesus! our weak faith to strengthen
For the last weariness-the final strife.
2 We would see Jesus! -tho' the dark cloud gathers
And billows break over both heart and brow;
Hear through the storm the quiet words he utters;
Peace, it is l -your Master, with you now.
3 We would see Jesus! - tho' the darkness deepen,
Know that the light unquenched will triumph still,
See in the gloom his brightness ever strengthen,
Look for the radiance which the earth shall fill.
4 We would see Jesus! -yet the spirit lingers
Round the dear objects it has loved so long;
And earth from earth can scarce unclasp its fingers;
Our love to thee scarce makes this love less strong.
5 We would see Jesus! -this is all we're needing;
Strength, joy and willingness come with the sight;
We would see Jesus! -like the dawn returning;
Then welcome day, and farewell mortal night.

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