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Hymn 266

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1 Lord, we wait the time of blessing,
Resting on thy promise now,
Hear our prayer, the throne.addressing:ยท
Lord, how long?why tarriest thou?
2 Come upon the wings of spirit,
Come, redeem thy mourning bride;
Give the kingdom to inherit,
Give her glory at thy side.
3 Many days of toil and sadness,
Many wrestlings for the prize,
Have prepared her for the gladness
Of that day of sweet surprise.
4 Long have sin and death enslaved us,
Long in dust hath faith remained:
Come, O Lord whose love hath saved us,
Give thy saints the vict'ry gained.
5 Lord, our hope and consolation,
Bring thine Israel quick release:
O, refresh us with salvation,
Be our strength, our joy, our peace.

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