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Hymn 260

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1 At sundry times, God spoke by seer and prophet;
His will through priest and patriarch was shown;
In type and shadow, future things were promised,
Which found their substance in the Firstborn Son.
2 Angels, who serve the heirs of God's salvation,
Are not to be compared with His own Son;
Who in our form, and knowing our temptations,
Was crowned with glory, when his work was done.
3 Our great High Priest, our King, our intercessor,
Shows his compassion when we oft-times stray:
His sacrifice brings grace for each transgressor
And gives us boldness when to God we pray.
4 Let us hold fast: Refuse not him that speaketh!
Let us have faith, our witness never cease:
Make straight the path, go forth, and win the contest;
Bear his reproach, and find in him our peace.

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