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Hymn 238

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1 O God in highest heaven,
Our God that hearest prayer,
Through Christ-whom Thou hast given,
Our Advocate, Thine Heir;
Now, strong in hope, united,
Around Thy feast we meet:
Receive from him our incense;
He is thy Mercy-seat.
2. Of old Thy prophet Moses
Did for Thy people pray;
Appealed to Thee, Eternal,
And turned Thy wrath away.
Elijah's prayer Thou heardest
To close and open heaven;
O God, who heard the prophets,
To us Thy grace be given.
3. Now through Thy greater Prophet,
Seated at Thy right hand,
May prayer be like a rampart
As 'gainst the foe we stand.
For Abraham's God is our God,
And Isaac's God is ours;
Ours is the God of Jacob
With His almighty powers.

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