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Hymn 235

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1. Lord, thy death and resurrection
We show this day.
'Tis a tribute of affection
We all should pay.
Wine out-poured and bread now broken,
Of thy sacrifice the token,
Even so, as thou hast spoken,
We will obey.
2. 'Till Thou come we will remember
Thine agony.
Of Thy body ev'ry member
Suffers with thee.
But the glory that shall follow
On that glad long-looked-for morrow,
Dawning from the night of sorrow,
Revealed shall be.
3. 'Till the morning break, O may we
Be wholly thine.
Sun of Righteousness, we pray thee
Now rise and shine.
Come, Lord! Come! from heav'n descending,
All th' angelic host attending,
To bestow the life unending,
Nature Divine.

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