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Hymn 216

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1. Beyond where Kedron's waters flow,
Behold the suffering Saviour go
To sad Gethsemane;
His countenance is all divine,
Yet grief appears in every line.
2. He bows beneath the sins of men;
He cries to God, and cries again,
In sad Gethsemane:
He lifts his mournful eyes above
“My Father, can this cup remove?”
3. With gentle resignation, still
He yielded to his Father's will,
In sad Gethsemane;
Behold me here, thine only Son;
And Father, let Thy will be done!
4. The Father heard; an angel there
Sustain'd the Son of God in prayer,
In sad Gethsemane:
He drank the dreadful cup of pain,
Then rose to life and joy again.

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