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Hymn 185

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1. The Lord a gift of love foretold:
'Hath sorrow filled your heart?
A Comforter to you I send
If I depart.
2'Your sorrow shall be turned to joy,
Your anxious fears made still,
When God's own power, and strength and love
Your heart shall fill.
3 'When he, the Comforter, is come,
All truth you then shall know.
The words I spake he shall recall,
The future show.
4 'Keep my commands;be not afraid,
Your anxious cares release.
My Father waits in heav'n;
with you I leave my peace.'
5 O God of comfort, power and love,
Teach us to trust in Thee,
That Jesus of our restless hearts
The peace may be.

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