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1 Father! we Thy children bless Thee
For Thy love on us bestowed;
As our Father we address Thee,
Called to be the sons of God;
Wondrous was Thy love in giving
Jesus for our sins to die;
Wondrous was his grace in yielding
To the great behest from high.
2 Now the sprinkled blood has freed us
On we go toward our rest;
Through the desert daily lead us,
With Thy constant favour blest.
By Thy word our footsteps guiding,
Lead us in the way of life;
Still our daily food providing,
Help us in the worldly strife.
3 Though our pilgrimage be dreary,
This is not our resting place;
Shall we of the way be weary
When we see the Master's face?
No; by faith anticipating,
In this hope our souls rejoice;
We, his promised advent waiting,
Long to hear his welcome voice.

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