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Hymn 130

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1. Thou,the great, eternal God,
Art high above our thought;
Worthy to be feared, adored,
By all Thy hands have wrought;
None can with Thyself compare;
Thy glory fills both earth and sky;
We, and all Thy creatures, are as nothing in Thine eye.
2. Of Thy great unbounded power, to Thee the praise we give­ Infinitely great, and more than heart can e'er conceive;
When Thou ·wilt to work proceed,
Thy purpose firm none can withstand,
Frustrate Thy determined deed,
or stay Thy mighty hand.
3. Thou, O God, art wise alone;
Thy counsel doth excel;
Wonderful Thy works we own,
Thy ways unsearchable;
Who can sound the mystery,
Thy judgements' deep abyss explain?
Thou whose eyes in darkness see,
and search the heart of man!

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