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Hymn 122

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1.Sing to the Lord, who triumphed gloriously,
Leading His people through the raging sea;
The waters yielded at our God's command,
And Israel crossed as if upon dry land,
From Egypt's bondage now for ever free.
2. Sing to the Lord, who for His great Name's praise
Showed men the steadfastness of all His ways.
Through stormy nations Jacob's seed I-le led,
In token of the covenant He made,
To set them in the Land in latter days.
3. Sing to the Lord, who as in days of yore
Will bring His people safe to Jordan's shore.
May they in Christ their true Messiah see,
And low before him gladly bend the knee,
To dwell in Abr'ham'sland for evermore.
4. Sing to the Lord, who triumphs gloriously.
When roaring waves become the glassy sea,
Gentile and Jew His glory shall proclaim :
Our God, from everlasting years the same,
The Lord, shall reign to all eternity.

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