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1. Lord,Thou hast searched and seen us through;
Thine eye commands,with piercing view,
Our rising and our resting hours,
Our hearts and minds with all their powers.

2. Our thoughts,before they are our own,
Are all to Thee distinctly known:
Thou know'st the words we mean to speak
Ere from our opening lips they break.

3. Within Thy circling power we stand;
On every side we find Thy hand;
Awake,asleep, at home,abroad,
We are surrounded still by God.

4. Amazing knowledge,vast and great;
What large extent! what lofty height!
Our souls,with all the powers we boast,
Are in the boundless prospect lost.

5. Oh, may these thoughts possess each breast
Where'er we rove,where'er we rest;
And, since Thou dost Thy children see,
May we be holy like to Thee.

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