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Hymn 96

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1. Jehovah [Yahweh] dwells alone,
No equal can He see;
Th' unchangeable and mighty God
From all eternity.
2. Through realms of boundless space
His Spirit works His will;
And with creation's endless forms
The heaven and earth doth fill.
3. Who can compare with Him
In majesty divine?
Ye sons of God,His praises sing,
Who in His glory shine.
4. And ye, His saints, rejoice
His praises to declare;
Whose mercy calls you from the dust
Their blessedness to share.
5. For soon He will reveal
Himself in His dear Son
To seal the covenants of truth,
And perfect all in One.
6. We praise His glorious name,
That wondrous name of Yah,
Through him who stands within the veil,
Our bright and morning star.

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