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Hymn 89

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Hallelujah, God be honoured :
True and righteous all His ways;
Praise our God, all ye that fear Him,
Praise the Lord, His servants, praise.
Come,ye saints,with joy and gladness
For the marriage feast prepare;
Purged from all their sins,the blessed
Robes of righteousness shall wear.

2 Coming down to earth from heaven
New Jerusalem we see:
God shall dwell with man for ever,
His own people they shall be.
God shall wipe away all sorrow,
Former things will pass away,
Lit for ever by God's presence,
Earth shall glow in endless day.
3 Come,Lord Jesus,come now quickly:
Open soon the Book of Life:
Bring thy judgements,and thy blessings;
End the years of tears and strife.
Worthy is the Lamb that liveth,
Who through death the vict'ry won;
Blessing, honour, strength and riches
Be to him, God's conqu'ring Son.


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