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Hymn 83

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1. Glory and blessing be
Ever ascribed to Thee,
Uncreate unity,
Father of all:
Angelic spirits bright
Gaze on Thy living light­
Veiled from our mortal sight-
And prostrate fall.

2 Strength, honour, majesty,
Ever be seemeth Thee,
Uncreate unity,
Fountain of life:
Mighty of mighties,Thou,
From Thee all blessings flow,
To all-above-below,
Healer of strife.

3 Source of salvation free,
Word of infinity,
Uncreate unity,
Author of peace:
Thy grace and truth became
Flesh for a saving name,
Jehovah Elohim,
Never to cease.

4 Holy of holies, we
Worship and bow the knee,
Uncreate Unity,
Spirit divine:
Ancient of endless days,
Remember Zion's ways,
And for her children's praise
Arise and shine.

(In conclusion only)
Glory to the Father be By the Son's supremacy In the Spirit's mystery :
Hallelujah ! yea,Amen, Hallelujah! yea, Amen, Hallelujah !Hallelujah ! Yea, Amen.
Hallelujah ! yea, Amen.


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