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Hymn 64

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Psalm 132
The Lord in truth to David sware,
He will not turn therefrom,
'I will bring forth aking from thee
And set him on thy throne'.

2 For God hath chosen Zion;
He Hath there desired to dwell;
'This is my rest,here I will stay,
For I do like it well.

3 'Her food I'll greatly bless;her poor
With bread will satisfy;
Her priests I'll with salvation clothe,
Her saints shall shout for joy.

4 'And there I will bless David's house
With many a royal son;
I have ordained a lamp for him,
For mine anointed one.

5 'As with a garment I will clothe
His enemies with shame;
His kingdom, though, shall flourish and
Bring honour to his name.'


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