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Hymn 52

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Psalm 103
Good is our God and full of kind compassion,
Most slow to anger, plenteous in love;
Rich is His grace to all that humbly seek Him,
Boundless and endless as the heav'ns above.

2 His love is like a father's to his children,
Tender and kind to all who fear His Name,
For well He knows our weakness and our frailty,
He knows that we are dust, He knows our frame.

3 We fade and die like flow'rs that grow in beauty,
Like render grass that soon will disappear;
But evermore the love of God is changeless,
Still shown to those who look to Him in fear.

4 High in the heavens His throne is fixed forever,
His kingdom rules o'er all from pole to pole;
Bless ye the Lord through all His wide dominion,
Bless His most holy Name, 0 thou my soul.


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