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Hymn 13

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[Psalm 25]

To Thee I lift my soul;
0 Lord Itrust in Thee:
My God, let me not be ashamed,
Nor triumph foes o'er me
Let none that wait on Thee
Be put to shame at all;
But those who without cause transgress,
Let shame upon them fall.
Show me Thy ways,0Lord;
Thy paths, 0teach Thou me:
And do Thou lead me in Thy truth,
Therein my teacher be.

Thy tender mercies,Lord,
Remember now,I pray,
And loving-kindnesses; for they
Have been of old for aye.

My sins and faults ofyouth
Do Thou, 0Lord, forget;
After Thy mercy think on me,
And for Thy goodness great.


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