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Hymn 11

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Psalm 23

The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be wen supplied;

While He is mine, I His, what can I want beside?
He leads me to the place where heav'nly pasture grows,

Where living waters pass, and free salvation flows.

He leads for mercy 's sake in paths of truth and grace:

Yea, for His Holy Name, guides me in righteous ways.

While He affords His aid, I will not yield to fear;
Though through death's vale I walk, my Shepherd 's with me there.
In spite of all my foes, God doth my table spread;
My cup with love o'erflows, and joy lifts up my head.

His bounty and His care soothe my declining days;

I'll dwell for ever in His house,and speak His praise.


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