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Hymn 430

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1 O Father, all creating,
Whose wisdom and whose power
First bound two lives together
In Eden's primal hour;
To-day to these Thy children
Thine earliest gift renew-
A home by Thee made blessed,
A love by Thee kept true.
2 O Saviour, Guest most gracious
Of old in Galilee,
Vouchsafe to-day thy presence
With these who wait on thee:
Their cup of earthly gladness
Transform to heav'nly wine,
And teach them, in the tasting,
To know the gift is thine.
3 Except Thou build it, Father,
The house is built in vain:
Except thou Lord, sustain it,
The joy will turn to pain.
May nothing break the union
Of hearts in thee made one;
Then love,which thou hast hallowed,
Is endless love begun.

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