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Hymn 429

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1. Maker of all things,we earnestly pray:
Please bless these,
Your children, who promise today
To spend life together and faithful remain
Until death shall part them,or Christ comes again.
2 Whether their days pass in sickness or health,
And whether the years bring them hardship or wealth,
Let trust in Your word keep them faithful to You;
The spirit of Christ be in all that they do.
3.When they encounter the troubles of life,
May prayer made together protect them from strife.
Then soothe all their sorrows and banish their tears;
Through hope ofYour kingdom drive out all their fears.
4 Lord God,we thank You for all You have done;
Revealing Your love in the gift of Your Son.
Let love be a fountain of joy all their days,
And may their example show others Your ways.
5 As we now witness the vows they both make,
We pray for Your care on the road that they take;
So grant them Your blessing, O Lord God above,
And bind them together in faith,hope and love.

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