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Hymn 427

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1 Grant, Lord,Thy blessing on this place,
And may this light stand be
A place that glorifies Thy Name,
And ever pleases Thee,
And ever pleases Thee.
2 O may the gospel from this place
Go forth with clarity,
With zeal and truth and earnestness,
In all sincerity,
In all sincerity.
3 O may it prove a meeting-place
To draw forth all the meek,
A haven for the weary, Lord,
A place for those who seek,
A place for those who seek.
4 Help us to work in unity
And share another's load,
And stimulate each other's mind
Along life's narrow road,
Along life's narrow road.
5 And as the days do hasten by,
Let faith defeat all fear,
Help us to look for Jesus,Lord,
And pray Thy Kingdom here.
And pray Thy Kingdom here.

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