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Hymn 382

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1 The evening and morning we see the Lord making;
And darkness is chased from the face of the deep.
How good is God's light now dispersing the shadows;
And firm His commandment the heavens still keep.
2 The waters of Noah, in the evening assuaging,
See God's dove returning a message of peace;
His bow in the cloud the glad token proclaiming
That seedtime and harvest on earth shall not cease.
3 Behold the dark night that on Egypt is falling
When passover blood is defending God's own!
A feast kept for ever that God's will is telling;
Then pillar of fire is portending His throne.
4 Far,far spent the night, with its darkness and sorrow;
Now dawning the day of the Lord that shall be.
Now watch ye,and sleep not; but look for the morrow,
Awaking the sleepers in dust to be free.

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