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Hymn 368

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1 The earth, O Lord, is one great field
Of all Thy chosen seed;
The crop prepared its fruit to yield;
The labourers few indeed.
2 Thy saints,O Lord, in former days,
Laboured to sowThy word;
The promise in Thy chosen land
Of David's Son and Lord.
3 Thy Son,O Lord, in later days,
The harvest white did see;
And e'en Samaria gave heed
And brought forth fruit for Thee.
4 And we, O Lord, in these last days,
Proclaim Thy kingdom nigh;
O bind us in Thy harvest sheaves,
When Thou dost reign on high.
5 That harvest, Lord, is Thine alone,
And all the world Thy field;
More reapers send Thou forth, until
Thy firstfruits be revealed.

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