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Hymn 357

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1 Take courage, my brother,
And be not fainthearted,
Let none of your sorrows
Nor trials impede,
But reach forth your hand and
Remember your brother,
Forget all your troubles
In meeting his need.
2 Be thankful, my brother,
For God has provided
Much more than you need
from His bountiful store;
For God's hand is open,
His love is unbounding,
And, should you require it,
There soon will be more.
3 Be prayerful, my brother,
And look to your Maker,
He's promised to help you
And waits for your call;
Just tell Him your trouble,
He is the Almighty,
There's nothing too big and
There's nothing too small.
4 Be joyful, my brother,
A new day is dawning,
And brighter and fairer
That morning will be;
So join with all voices
And sing loud hosannas,
The Saviour is coming
To make us all free.

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