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Hymn 349

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1 Make haste, O man, to live,
For thou so soon must die;
Time hurries past thee like the breeze­
How swift its moments fly!
2 Make haste, O man, to do
Whatever must be done!
Thou hast no time to lose in sloth;
The day will soon be gone.
3 Up, then, with speed and work;
Fling ease and self away;
This is no time for thee to sleep­
Up!watch, and work, and pray.
4 The useful, not the great-
The thing that never dies­
The silent toil that is not lost­
Set these before thine eyes.
5 Make haste, O man, to live;
Thy time is almost o'er;
O sleep not, dream not, but arise:
The Judge is at the door!

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