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Hymn 347

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1 Hark!'tis the watchman's cry,
Jesus himself is nigh-
Wake, brethren, wake!
Sleep is for sons of night,
Ye are the sons of light,
Yours is the glory bright;
Wake, brethren, wake!
2 Call to each wakening band,
Clear is our Lord's command-
Watch, brethren, watch!
Be ye as men that wait
Still at their Master's gate,
E'en though he tarry late;
Watch, brethren , watch!
3 Heed we the Steward's call,
There's room enough for all­
Work, brethren, work!
True service of our Lord
His vineyard will afford;
He will your work reward­
Work, brethren , work!
4 Hear we the Shepherd 's voice­
Would ye his heart rejoice,
Pray, brethren, pray!
Sin calls for ceaseless fear,
Weakness a Strong One near,
Long as ye struggle here,
Pray, brethren, pray.
5 Sound now the final chord;
Thrice holy is the Lord-
Praise, brethren, praise!
What more befits the tongues
Framed for angelic songs?
To Him all praise belongs:
Praise, brethren , praise.

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