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Hymn 341

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1 Brethren, let us walk together
In the bonds of love and peace.
Can it be a question whether
Brethren should from conflict cease?
'Tis in union, 'tis in union
Hope and joy and love increase.
2 While we journey homeward, let us
Help each other on the road:
Foes on every side beset us-
Snares through all the way are strewed:
It behoves us, it behoves us
Each to bear a brother's load.
3 When we think how much our Father
Has forgiven, and does forgive,
Brethren, we should learn the rather
Free from wrath and strife to live;
Far removing, far removing
All that might offend or grieve.
4 Then let each esteem his brother
Better than himself to be;
And let each prefer another,
Full of love, from envy free;
Happy are we, happy are we
When in this we all agree.

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