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Hymn 333

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[The pronouns may be altered to suit the occasion]
1 The water and the blood, O Lord,
They cleanse us from our sin,
When by the Spirit of Thy word
We are renewed within.
2 The water purifies, O Lord,
The heart that seeks Thy face,
Jn the obedience of Thy word,
To know Thy saving grace.
3 The sprinkled blood redeems, O Lord,
When faith hath wrought by love
To hearken to Thy word, O Lord,
As spoken from above.
4 Accept the sacrifice, O Lord,
And let this burial be
A good confession of Thy word
In its true mystery.
5 And manifest Thyself, O Lord,
Unto Thy servants here,
With all the power of Thy word
To aid, console, and cheer.
6 And may Thy mercy still, O Lord,
Keep him on every hand,
To gain the promise of Thy word,
The glory, and the land.

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