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Hymn 320

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1 Oh! mourn ye for Zion, her beauty is faded,
Her joy is departed, her glory is fled;
The light and the hope of her prospects are shaded;
She wanders in darkness, her comforts are dead.
2 Oh!pray ye for Zion, though sad and forsaken,
Though scorned and derided, despised and forlorn;
The truth of Jehovah, our God, is unshaken,
Her night shall but usher a glorious morn.
3 Oh!labour for Zion, though now, in her blindness,
She knows not her Saviour, Messiah, and Lord;
Yet, guided by mercy, the life-tones of kindness
Shall win her dull ear to the voice of his word.
4 Oh!watch ye for Zion; the day-spring is breaking,
Her night has been gloomy, but shortly will end;
Her long-promised Shepherd his lost sheep is seeking,
The heart of the obdurate nation will bend.
5 Oh!hope ye for Zion;salvation is nearing,
And brighter than morn's roseate glow shall be seen.
The great Sun ofRighteousness with his appearing,
And beams ofhis glory shall gladden the scene.
6 Rejoice ye for Zion!Jehovah has spoken;
Jerusalem's outcasts shall yet be restored;
The bonds ofthe fetter-bound slave shall be broken,
And Judah set free at the word ofthe Lord.

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