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Hymn 317

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1 Hear what God, the Lord, hath spoken:
O! my people, faint and few,
Comfortless, afflicted, broken,
Fair abodes I build for you.
Thorns of heart-felt tribulation
Shall no more perplex your ways:
Ye shall name your walls Salvation,
And your gates shall all be praise.
2 There like streams that feed the garden,
Blessing without end shall flow;
For the Lord, your faith rewarding,
All His bounty shall bestow;
Still in undisturbed possession
Peace and righteousness shall reign;
Never shall you feel oppression,
Hear the voice of war again.
3 Ye, no more your suns descending,
Waning moons no more shall see;
But, your griefs for ever ending,
Find eternal noon in Me:
God shall rise, and, shining o'er you,
Change to day the gloom of night;
He, the Lord, shall be your glory;
God, your everlasting light.

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