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Hymn 303

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1 See the Lamb upon Mount Zion
With the number of the blest!
See how Judah's conquering Lion
Gives to them his glorious rest!
Sweet reward of faithful following
They by patience have posses.
2 Strangers once among all nations,
Now before the Lamb they stand;
Ended all their tribulations;
Palms of victory in the hand,
Kept for him that overcometh,
Glory in Immanuel's Land.
3 Sealed of God within the forehead,
Consecrated heart and soul;
Separate from sinners wanton,
Yielding to the Lord's control;
Robes of righteousness possessing,
First fruits they of harvest whole.
4 Hear him cheering thee, my brother,
What so e'erthy present pain.
Not to be compared the suffering
With the glory thou shalt gain
In the kingdom of the Father,
In the Son's immortal reign.

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